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Hoşgeldiniz! Welcome!
     Hi, my name is Haldun (Laçin). I am the manager of the Laçin estate and construction company.
     Laçin real estate agent and construction company has been established in Datça, and registered Datça-275 number of Commerce Chambers.
     We are a specialist estate and construction company, offering a wide range of properties for all budgets in Datça peninsula since 1984.
      With almost 34 years experience in the business, we provide ;
       A wide selection of properties
       Friendly service
       Fast and Reliable informations
       Fair prices
     Please, welcome for any question about Datça properties and Construction.
I will do my best for you.
     Hope to meet with you in Datça!
Haldun Laçin
Manager & Owner
Real Estate Agent & Construction, Datça

Datça Laçin Real Estate Agent and Consulting
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Datça Laçin Construction Reach Us
       Finding suitable land for your desired home        Laçin Consturction
       Designing and building your dream home        Tel : 0090 (0) 252 712 43 14
       Key Turn construction        Fax : 0090 (0) 252 712 42 67
       Off plan projects        Mobil : 0090 (0) 552 420 28 12
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